Path of the Nomad Blueprints

The Path of the Nomad Blueprints are new to The Division with the 1.1 Incursions patch. Items will drop from doing Incursions, you may also buy standalone gear set items from the DZ and Special Gear Vendors, however these are the blueprints that can be bought to re-roll attributes to your favour!

Vendor Type Use Name Cost Class Gear Score Rank
DZ06 Blueprint Gear Knee Pads of the Nomad DZ Funds151864 Knee Pads 214 50
DZ06 Blueprint Gear Holster of the Nomad DZ Funds149964 Holster 214 50
DZ06 Item Gear Knee pads of the Nomad DZ Funds25291 Knee Pads 191 30
DZ06 Item Gear Gloves of the Nomad DZ Funds25019 Gloves 191 30